Bomen Solar Farm




The proposed Bomen Solar Farm is a 120 megawatt (MW) solar farm project near the Bomen industrial hub, approximately 7km northeast of the Wagga Wagga Central Business District. The project is being developed by Renew Estate Pty Ltd, an Australian renewable energy company.


Project Location

Bomen Solar Farm would be located on approximately 250 hectares of land zoned for industrial use, roughly 7 km northeast of the Wagga Wagga CBD.


About the Project

The proposed Bomen Solar Farm is a 120 MWp DC solar farm project. A solar farm of this size is expected to produce over 230 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of renewable energy each year, enough to power approximately 35,000 Australian homes.

The project will feature high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) modules mounted on a single-axis tracking array structure. The tracking system will orient the solar modules to follow the sun from east to west each day. The tracking structures will be mounted on piles, which will be screwed or pile driven, eliminating the need for concrete and foundations.

This construction methodology would keep ground disturbance to a minimum and maintain the maximum amount of existing vegetation possible (considering environmental and bushfire management requirements). The vegetation onsite would likely be maintained by grazing sheep.

The operational lifetime of the solar farm would be 30 years, at which time the site will either be decommissioned or continue to operate (after potentially being refurbished). Decommissioning would return the site to the pre-development condition. 

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